Use Goals To Obtain Success

Yes I understand it’s cheesy and I understand that everyone talks about them.

All kinds of marketers across the globe understand the importance of goals. Professionals write goals, kids have goals, everyone should have goals.

Now that’s kind of a crazy word isn’t it, should, anyone can say they should do something, but most won’t go out there and obtain it. I have recently just finished up my senior wrestling season. I had plenty of goals for it, however, my main goal was to make it to the State Tournament.

I had an okay year and was set to do good in the regional tournament. I had won matches and was on my way to the finals when i was upset by someone who never should have beat me. This hurt worse than any pain I could have physically felt.

I beat myself up about it for awhile. Than I remembered something. I had set this goal and I wanted it so badly. Where did all that enthusiasm run off too? I decided to put all of that to good use when I started marketing.

I made myself a new set of goals and because I have failed before I know I can succeed for sure. I have since been writing down goals and reaching them as the days pass by.

I’m still missing one thing though. I want to do this for someone else too. I want to see someone else achieve their goals and along with them, success!

I’m waiting for someone like that to come along. Someone ready to work and set goals and achieve them.

Is that person going to be you?

I sure hope so 🙂

Set amazing goals now.


If you would like to contact me you can at any of the following

Facebook, Linked In, Skype: Raymond Pierce


I can’t wait to see you there.


Raymond Pierce



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