How To Attract More Leaders

How much time do you spend a day sending traffic or emails? I know I spend about 4 hours plus directing traffic and sending emails out to possible opt-ins. Remember that these people aren’t guaranteed to click on your ad.

So give them a reason!

Do you spend you hard earned money on ads or credits? Why would you spend this money for a small conversion rate? If you put the work in you can double or triple your opt-ins per week!

Make this time and money worth it!

Make it worth your time and money now

Stop using bland capture pages and links. Use something different.

I just recently made a few videos with my good friend Jon Weberg. The results from these videos yield more success than I have ever had with the pre-made pages.

It was Fun!!

I had a blast doing this. I loved messing up on the videos and having to retry, because it made that 1 perfect video all the more worth it to me. Not to mention the satisfaction you get from seeing that you made your own ad that grabs people’s attention!

I will help!

I will personally guide you through this system. I will be there to show you everything you need to know. How to advertise, how to write good emails, how to set up your system.

So if you want more people to notice, put the time in. Set up a domain and create a page with a curious video. Grab people’s attention!! Let them know you are there to help them out! Tell them you want to make them comfortable, explain what they are getting !!



I can’t stress this enough. I seem to say it so often but nobody wants to try! It makes so much more sense to get a 1 on 1 connection so we can learn together. I want to make you as successful as possible. My help is FREE!!!

If you want to talk you can contact me here!!


Skype, Facebook, Linked In: Raymond Pierce

If you want to try something amazing, and make money doing all the above, this is for you:) You can get my help ANYTIME!! 🙂

Begin Something Amazing



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