3 Easy Steps To Marketing

A ton of marketers in today’s world have trouble explaining how to begin marketing.

It is so important when you bring a new leader in to show them the “ropes”.

How do you do that the right way? I mean it takes me 20 tries before a video my buddies and I make can even pass for a start-up video. We can’t even keep a straight face half the time. So how do you show someone new what to do?

This is actually extremely simple. First, you should explain to them what it is they are doing. How they are using the product to sell. Where there resources are. Make sure they understand the system they are using before they start using it.

Secondly, You should teach them how to advertise the product. Show them a few ways. One of the many being the blog your reading now!

There are also safelists and TE’s(Traffic Exchanges). These take a few moments to get to know. The person who refers you can easily take 5 minutes to show you how to run these. They are EXTREMELY simple.

Social Media is HUGE! People around the world log into social media at all hours of the day. Imagine if every time they logged in they saw your product. Eventually they get curious enough to give it a click and just like that you have a new lead.

Solo Ads allow you to throw out a few bucks and get direct traffic to your page. People who want to know what your doing. People who are already curious to see the opportunity.

There are plenty more besides these to choose from. These are just some I can help with.

Last but not least Repeat this system with all your leaders. Create a system of rinse and repeat so that the leaders you teach learn to teach their own future leaders.

And I cannot stress this enough. C. O. N. N. E. C. T.

It is so easy to send a quick message or email to me. You can even call me on skype! Throw me a quick message and we can get to talking right away. I am here to HELP you become successful. That way, your own future leaders can be too.

If you want to connect with me now…

Facebook: Ray Pierce

Skype: Raymond Pierce

Linked In: Raymond Pierce

Email: Raypierce2519@gmail.com

If you want to start now and get my help later, this is for you 🙂

Yes, I want to begin now!


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