The Best Part About Being On A Team

When you think of a team what do you think of?

Your local sports teams? Your state teams like the NFL or NHL?

Wouldn’t it be amazing to be a part of a team that big? To have the connection with the people on the team, to get to know everyone and realize that your in the right place?

Well do I have news for you my friend!!

But first let me tell you about what happened today.

My good friend Jon Weberg rode home with me after classes and helped me set up a few things. He guided me person to person on how to set my capture page up, how to make a good video, and most of all he taught me the importance of being on a team of people who care.

We had fun filming, we messed up many times, sometimes swearing up a storm. But it was more fun than I would’ve ever thought it to be.

In the end we created a much better way for us to accumulate team leader and show them the way to become successful. I encourage you to check out Jon’s blog and get to know more about him. He has a great heart and is an outstanding marketer!!

Now to me this is like being on an amazing sports team. A team with amazing people that want every one to succeed.

You can look forward to this and more by joining our team. I want you to understand that person to person connection. We will build your team and get to know each other well in the process. I will guide you on how to market the right way, how to bring in leader, how to set up advertising.

I want you to be the most successful leader you can be. But most of all, I want to see you grow and teach another to do the same!

That’s the best thing about marketing.

Do you want to be a part of it?


Connect with me via any of these sources.

Facebook: Ray Pierce

Linked In: Raymond Pierce

Skype: Raymond Pierce



If you want to become a part of this now, and contact me later,  Here you are:)

Become A Part Of Something Huge



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