How To Start Marketing In 3 Easy Steps

There are a few things you can do to start marketing. First, obviously you need a product. The one I am using is Extremely simple and amazing. I am currently building my team and using the product all in one. It is one of the many benefits that comes with it.

I highly recommend using this product as it gives you access to an auto responder and many re-selling tools. NowLifeStyle

Second, Once you have your product you need a way to market it. One way or another you need to create traffic to your product, somehow get it out there for people to see. There are a few ways you can do this.

  1. Traffic Exchanges, These are great way to let people see your product quickly and most have some type of promo code you can use for extra credits. (these are used to earn views)                      A few good ones——> TezakTrafficPower HitlinkTraffic
  2. Safelists and Mailers, These allow you to write a short letter to people explaining a bit about your product, pulling them in. These sites normally also have promo codes and usually give out more credits per click.         Few good Examples ——>  Email Hog Red Stag Mailer
  3. Use SOCIAL MEDIA!!!! This is huge, places like Facebook, Twitter, and Linked In allow people to see your product more often as people log on everyday.


And finally Third, Connect with other marketers and learn experiences from them. The best way to find new ways to market is to try other marketers methods, sort of like a trial and error problem.

I recommend Jon Weberg, A good friend of mine who taught me all I know.

If you would like to join my team and become a leader you can contact me here


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If you are ready to start now and would like my help later,

Begin Your Journey


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