Listen To Your Gut. Follow Your Dreams.

Yeah I understand that when people say this it is pronounced listen to your heart, follow your dreams.

Well most of the time, people second guess their heart because they think their dreams are too far to reach. People put themselves down thinking they can’t make it.

That is the problem with many with great potential today. They have huge hopes and the skill to reach it. However, there are one of two things stopping them. One is doubting themselves and the second is not wanting to put in the time or effort.

You can’t follow any type of gut feeling without putting in a little work. First you have to convince yourself that you want to go that direction. Second, you have to believe you can do it.

You can’t start a business without taking risks. Your gonna win some and lose some. But you never know when your gonna win one where the prize is more than you could have dreamed. And than, you’ll realize you made it.

And that leads me to where I am today. I am taking risks and believe myself. I want to create an amazing team that shoots for high rewards.

And I want you to be a part of it.

I will help you get there, I swear it. I will progress by helping you!!


I can’t wait to see you achieve your dream!

If you would like to contact me you can at any of the following

Skype, Linked In, Facebook: Raymond Pierce


If you would like to start without me, and Get ahold of me later. Here is that link again



Use Goals To Obtain Success

Yes I understand it’s cheesy and I understand that everyone talks about them.

All kinds of marketers across the globe understand the importance of goals. Professionals write goals, kids have goals, everyone should have goals.

Now that’s kind of a crazy word isn’t it, should, anyone can say they should do something, but most won’t go out there and obtain it. I have recently just finished up my senior wrestling season. I had plenty of goals for it, however, my main goal was to make it to the State Tournament.

I had an okay year and was set to do good in the regional tournament. I had won matches and was on my way to the finals when i was upset by someone who never should have beat me. This hurt worse than any pain I could have physically felt.

I beat myself up about it for awhile. Than I remembered something. I had set this goal and I wanted it so badly. Where did all that enthusiasm run off too? I decided to put all of that to good use when I started marketing.

I made myself a new set of goals and because I have failed before I know I can succeed for sure. I have since been writing down goals and reaching them as the days pass by.

I’m still missing one thing though. I want to do this for someone else too. I want to see someone else achieve their goals and along with them, success!

I’m waiting for someone like that to come along. Someone ready to work and set goals and achieve them.

Is that person going to be you?

I sure hope so 🙂

Set amazing goals now.


If you would like to contact me you can at any of the following

Facebook, Linked In, Skype: Raymond Pierce


I can’t wait to see you there.


Raymond Pierce


How To Attract More Leaders

How much time do you spend a day sending traffic or emails? I know I spend about 4 hours plus directing traffic and sending emails out to possible opt-ins. Remember that these people aren’t guaranteed to click on your ad.

So give them a reason!

Do you spend you hard earned money on ads or credits? Why would you spend this money for a small conversion rate? If you put the work in you can double or triple your opt-ins per week!

Make this time and money worth it!

Make it worth your time and money now

Stop using bland capture pages and links. Use something different.

I just recently made a few videos with my good friend Jon Weberg. The results from these videos yield more success than I have ever had with the pre-made pages.

It was Fun!!

I had a blast doing this. I loved messing up on the videos and having to retry, because it made that 1 perfect video all the more worth it to me. Not to mention the satisfaction you get from seeing that you made your own ad that grabs people’s attention!

I will help!

I will personally guide you through this system. I will be there to show you everything you need to know. How to advertise, how to write good emails, how to set up your system.

So if you want more people to notice, put the time in. Set up a domain and create a page with a curious video. Grab people’s attention!! Let them know you are there to help them out! Tell them you want to make them comfortable, explain what they are getting !!



I can’t stress this enough. I seem to say it so often but nobody wants to try! It makes so much more sense to get a 1 on 1 connection so we can learn together. I want to make you as successful as possible. My help is FREE!!!

If you want to talk you can contact me here!!


Skype, Facebook, Linked In: Raymond Pierce

If you want to try something amazing, and make money doing all the above, this is for you:) You can get my help ANYTIME!! 🙂

Begin Something Amazing


3 Easy Steps To Marketing

A ton of marketers in today’s world have trouble explaining how to begin marketing.

It is so important when you bring a new leader in to show them the “ropes”.

How do you do that the right way? I mean it takes me 20 tries before a video my buddies and I make can even pass for a start-up video. We can’t even keep a straight face half the time. So how do you show someone new what to do?

This is actually extremely simple. First, you should explain to them what it is they are doing. How they are using the product to sell. Where there resources are. Make sure they understand the system they are using before they start using it.

Secondly, You should teach them how to advertise the product. Show them a few ways. One of the many being the blog your reading now!

There are also safelists and TE’s(Traffic Exchanges). These take a few moments to get to know. The person who refers you can easily take 5 minutes to show you how to run these. They are EXTREMELY simple.

Social Media is HUGE! People around the world log into social media at all hours of the day. Imagine if every time they logged in they saw your product. Eventually they get curious enough to give it a click and just like that you have a new lead.

Solo Ads allow you to throw out a few bucks and get direct traffic to your page. People who want to know what your doing. People who are already curious to see the opportunity.

There are plenty more besides these to choose from. These are just some I can help with.

Last but not least Repeat this system with all your leaders. Create a system of rinse and repeat so that the leaders you teach learn to teach their own future leaders.

And I cannot stress this enough. C. O. N. N. E. C. T.

It is so easy to send a quick message or email to me. You can even call me on skype! Throw me a quick message and we can get to talking right away. I am here to HELP you become successful. That way, your own future leaders can be too.

If you want to connect with me now…

Facebook: Ray Pierce

Skype: Raymond Pierce

Linked In: Raymond Pierce


If you want to start now and get my help later, this is for you 🙂

Yes, I want to begin now!

The Best Part About Being On A Team

When you think of a team what do you think of?

Your local sports teams? Your state teams like the NFL or NHL?

Wouldn’t it be amazing to be a part of a team that big? To have the connection with the people on the team, to get to know everyone and realize that your in the right place?

Well do I have news for you my friend!!

But first let me tell you about what happened today.

My good friend Jon Weberg rode home with me after classes and helped me set up a few things. He guided me person to person on how to set my capture page up, how to make a good video, and most of all he taught me the importance of being on a team of people who care.

We had fun filming, we messed up many times, sometimes swearing up a storm. But it was more fun than I would’ve ever thought it to be.

In the end we created a much better way for us to accumulate team leader and show them the way to become successful. I encourage you to check out Jon’s blog and get to know more about him. He has a great heart and is an outstanding marketer!!

Now to me this is like being on an amazing sports team. A team with amazing people that want every one to succeed.

You can look forward to this and more by joining our team. I want you to understand that person to person connection. We will build your team and get to know each other well in the process. I will guide you on how to market the right way, how to bring in leader, how to set up advertising.

I want you to be the most successful leader you can be. But most of all, I want to see you grow and teach another to do the same!

That’s the best thing about marketing.

Do you want to be a part of it?


Connect with me via any of these sources.

Facebook: Ray Pierce

Linked In: Raymond Pierce

Skype: Raymond Pierce



If you want to become a part of this now, and contact me later,  Here you are:)

Become A Part Of Something Huge


The Right Way To Learn

I keep stressing this all the time to the people I know because I am a firm believer in learning 1 on 1. I feel you learn to trust a system or person better when you learn by being shown.

Marketers today send you a link and tell you your good to go. That is the complete opposite of what needs to happen. Sure when you go to the link to sign up we aren’t there to help you yet.

That’s because we can’t see you or even know who you are in that matter, until you give us your email. You don’t need to pay it is completely FREE.

And that Help from me 1 on 1, yeah, that’s also 100% free.

I can make you a successful team leader and marketer, you just have to give me a chance! I am looking to grow my team and I will teach every member personally. I swear it.

This is one of my goals as a marketer, to have a close relation with my team and create the best environment possible for them.

So please, take a deep breath and think deeply about joining this team. It is going to be epic.

With 50% commissions and prices down because of PRE-Launch there isn’t a better time to join.

I Promise you it will be worth it.

I hope to see you soon:)

If you would like to contact me now…

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How Easy Is It To Win?

What am I talking about right? To put it in simple terms I’m talking about every. damn. day.

You have to be positive and committed to win right? Just as a major athlete trains every day a marketer sends out to his lists or writes a blog.

Is It Easy?

Of Course Not. It takes time, money, and sticking to it. Everybody gets frustrated but it’s the ones who power through that win. I was a wrestler at my high school and I had a team mate who looked like more of a roly poly than a wrestler.

He would lose matches all the time and it looked like he had no potential, but he kept at it, he trained hard and stayed COMMITTED. He went to state that next season with a very positive record.

It goes to show that hard work grants success. And that’s the kind of person I need on my team.

I have an amazing opportunity and am ready to teach anyone willing to try.

I will show you 1 on 1 how to begin building your team and create your own income.

Whenever you need, I will show you, whether it is Skype, Email, Phone, Or Facebook, It’s your choice, but I will be there every step.

Now let’s make this happen

Are you ready to Win? 🙂

Start Winning Now

If you would like to contact me before or after you can here.

Facebook: Ray Pierce ( Message Me! 🙂 )

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Linked In: Raymond Pierce

If you want to get started now and get my help later…

Begin NOW

The Problem With 90% Of Marketers

It’s harder than most think to start building a team and attracting others to join and become leaders themselves. It takes time and most often money. Not to mention commitment and some knowledge of the system.

I’ve been marketing for a few days now and am amazed at how easy it was to set up and begin. I of course had help, which is available at any step thanks to the other leaders on the team.

And yes, the time  I have put in is already racking up. And I love it. 🙂

The more committed you are the faster you will attract others. People want to see that your ready to help them. NOBODY wants to spend money without being reassured that there will be someone guiding them to make triple it.

Why do 95% of marketers fail to earn paid opt-ins? Easy, because they attract members and than leave them to their own devices. This is wrong!!!

A huge problem springs in the fact that now many people are afraid to join amazing opportunities because of the fear of losing the money they put in without earning any back.

Now let’s get to the good stuff:)

I am here to tell you that my team is ready to help you one on one. Whether it’s through video chat, email, phone, you name it. We want to make you successful, teach you the right way to attract others to our team.

We need committed members to join us, and the time is now!!

We are currently in Pre-Launch, but are on the verge of full scale distribution!!!

Secure your spot now and become part of an EPIC journey with help from us at any step of the way!!

If you would like to contact me you can at any of the listed.

Skype: Raymond Pierce

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If you want to get started right now and get my help later, You can here:)

Begin your Epic Journey 


How To Start Marketing In 3 Easy Steps

There are a few things you can do to start marketing. First, obviously you need a product. The one I am using is Extremely simple and amazing. I am currently building my team and using the product all in one. It is one of the many benefits that comes with it.

I highly recommend using this product as it gives you access to an auto responder and many re-selling tools. NowLifeStyle

Second, Once you have your product you need a way to market it. One way or another you need to create traffic to your product, somehow get it out there for people to see. There are a few ways you can do this.

  1. Traffic Exchanges, These are great way to let people see your product quickly and most have some type of promo code you can use for extra credits. (these are used to earn views)                      A few good ones——> TezakTrafficPower HitlinkTraffic
  2. Safelists and Mailers, These allow you to write a short letter to people explaining a bit about your product, pulling them in. These sites normally also have promo codes and usually give out more credits per click.         Few good Examples ——>  Email Hog Red Stag Mailer
  3. Use SOCIAL MEDIA!!!! This is huge, places like Facebook, Twitter, and Linked In allow people to see your product more often as people log on everyday.


And finally Third, Connect with other marketers and learn experiences from them. The best way to find new ways to market is to try other marketers methods, sort of like a trial and error problem.

I recommend Jon Weberg, A good friend of mine who taught me all I know.

If you would like to join my team and become a leader you can contact me here


Skype:Raymond Pierce

Facebook: Ray Pierce

Linked In: Raymond Pierce

If you are ready to start now and would like my help later,

Begin Your Journey

Hello and Welcome!!

As you already know, my name is Raymond Pierce. I have just been introduced to marketing by my good friend Jon Weberg. (Good idea to check his blog out). I am 18 years old and I live in Hibbing, Minnesota.

I have a passion for music, sing and play guitar, and am in a relationship of almost 2 years. I am just finishing up high school and am planning on 2 years of generals before moving to North Dakota for Pre-Med classes.

I plan on building an amazing marketing team with the help of my friends and anybody who wants to learn!! I am very excited about this experience and can’t wait to meet the people wanting to get started.

You can contact me at any of these places.


Skype: Raymond Pierce

Facebook (messenger): Raymond Pierce

If you would like to get started now and have my help later, Here is the link.